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  1. Plural of didactic

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distinguish didacticism A didactic method (Greek: didáskein = to teach; lore of teaching) is a teaching method that follows a consistent scientific approach or educational style to engage the student’s mind. The didactic method of instruction is often contrasted with dialectics and the Socratic method; the term can also be used to refer to a specific didactic method, as for instance constructivist didactics.
Didactics is the theory of teaching and, in a wider sense, the theory and practical application of teaching and learning. In demarcation from mathetics, as the science of learning, didactics refers only to the science of teaching.
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catechization, coaching, direction, edification, education, enlightenment, guidance, illumination, information, instruction, pedagogics, pedagogy, private teaching, programmed instruction, reeducation, schooling, self-instruction, self-teaching, spoon-feeding, teaching, tuition, tutelage, tutorage, tutoring, tutorship
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